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Internship Program

Gain experience in real estate or marketing with our internship team. Our program provides real-world work exposure to help you create a strong foundation for your career growth.

Internship INspiration

See what's happening in our Internship Program

Brandon L.

Marketing Intern

The internship must be one of the best opportunities I have had. At Niko LA Leasing, Niko guides you on a path of growth throughout the internship. You grow not only as an individual but as well as a professional. As a professional, I feel confident that I can communicate effectively, I have efficient time management, and I can adapt to any situation that is presented to me. As an individual, I have a much clearer picture of where I want to be in the next 5 to 10 years.  Niko sheds light on the real estate industry today and provides knowledge through his experiences working both in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur today. The most important concept that you will learn with Niko is that there is no limitation to development and growth, whether it be your career or as an individual.

Kimberly L.

Marketing Intern

The experience I have gained through the internship with Niko LA Leasing has exceeded my expectations. As interns, we have learned how to transition from the classroom to the workforce. I have also gained hands-on experience in learning how to work in a professional setting with a management team. This has allowed me to become more confident in my professional skills for a future career. My favorite part of the internship would be using my creativity to create marketing content; I also receive feedback from Niko and his team to improve my work for the future. Niko really values preparing his interns for the real world and making sure we make the most of this opportunity.

Alexiss D.

Marketing Intern

Niko's internship has been a great opportunity for my career. It has jump started my experience, confidence, creativity, and portfolio to show prospective employers. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere and culture that Niko LA Leasing provides between them and us as interns. This valuable opportunity has taught me proper communication, behavior, tips, and life lessons in the workplace from our inventory work, emails, property visits, and speakers. You get great views and an amazing lunch when you visit the properties, so don't miss it!

Amaya P.

Video Production Intern

My time here with Niko has been so great. Coming in with little to no real production experience, I now have a good number of videos to include in my film portfolio. This was the first year where Niko had video production interns so not only was I learning from Niko, but Niko was learning how to incorporate a new kind of intern into his business. Niko is a great boss, he is funny, caring, and very knowledgeable of real estate and many other things. Coming in as a video production intern to a real estate business I did not know how much I would have to do, but there is always something for me to be editing on which I love. This semester has been great and I am definitely leaving with more experience than I had before I came in.

Aracely G.

Video Production Intern

Niko's Internship was my first experience working in a professional setting and I truly enjoyed working with Niko as a video production intern. I have obtained valuable hands-on experience creating content for the beautiful communities Niko represents. I have gained experience working in a professional setting and I'm leaving this internship with lots of content to build my film reel. Niko is a great mentor and I would highly recommend this internship to everyone!

Claudio D.

Marketing Intern

My time here at Niko LA leasing has shown me what it's like to be working professionally in a fast-paced industry. The internship has challenged me in many ways, but in the end, I've realized that all of it has made me a stronger teammate, worker, and person. For that, I deeply appreciate this internship. Marketing-wise, I feel more knowledgeable than ever after creating content for multi-million dollar properties (which is no easy feat, by the way). My role as a marketing associate has given me many opportunities to use my training and education from school, which is what I wanted. Real-world experience is what we need as young professionals to succeed straight out of college, so, thankfully, Niko LA Leasing provided exactly that. In conclusion, I'd say it was a great time working for Niko and his company. Expect to be working hard but having fun at the same time while under Niko's leadership.

George M.

Marketing Intern

Interning at Niko LA Leasing has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my academic and professional career. The atmosphere at this company is one of professionalism, respect, and integrity, but it's also one that allows room for fun and creative decision-making. In all of my years in the workforce, never have I been given as much creative freedom as the one Niko provided. It was genuinely so fulfilling to add my personal touch to the content that the company would then showcase to existing and potential clients. I also got to meet incredible people whose own creativity and work ethic was inspiring and just an absolute pleasure to work with.

Hiromu H.

Marketing Intern

My Internship at Niko LA Leasing was incredible. Since I am an International student and this is my first time to experience the workplace in the US, I was very worried if I could do well. However, Niko, Brandon and my co-worker helped me a lot so I felt confident on the job. I want to thank them very much. One thing I really like about this Internship was that not only were we at the brokerage in Los Feliz, but we also had the opportunity to visit some communities we represent in Koreatown and Downtown Los Angeles. This was a great opportunity to learn social skills. I would definitely use the social skills and mind sets I learned in this internship in the future.

Morgan W.

Marketing Intern

This internship here at Keller Williams Los Feliz/Niko LA Leasing has shaped me in more ways than I had imagined. Through this internship, I was able to both gain and sharpen my professional skills through marketing by completing tasks such as newsletters, email campaigns, social media advertisements, and being able to increase online traffic for communities around the Los Angeles region. While most of our days consist of working at the brokerage, my favorite part is visiting the communities and meeting the on-site team that we communicate with throughout the week! It really makes it all worthwhile as our work comes alive by seeing the buildings we promote in person. I have also learned more about myself and what I really want to do when I graduate while forming amazing friendships with the other interns. This semester was a great learning experience for me as I prepare for graduation. Thank you to Niko and Brandon for creating such a fun environment for us interns!

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